Healthy Home Environment
Sanitizing and Deodorizing Programs
Each Super Plan is a 1 year contract for the basic servicing of a single system.

Plan #1 - Sanitizing
$24.95 per month

Plan #2 - Deodorizing
$36.95 per month

Plan #3 - Sanitizing & Deodorizing
$43.95 per month.

Choose from five deodorizing scents: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Lemon, Rainforest,
Fresh Scent.

Sign up now for a Super Service Plan and receive a 10% discount off the basic price of a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning cleaning and service from-

C.S. Myers & Son, Inc.
C.S. Myers and Son now offers sanitizing and deodorizing programs to our air duct cleaning customers. These programs are just another way C.S. Myers and Son makes it easy and affordable for you to enjoy a Healthier , Cleaner, and More Comfortable home every day!

By having your air duct system cleaned, you eliminate the Breeding Ground for Bacteria, Mold, Dust Mites, and other dirt build up.

Sanitizing your duct system helps keep the Bacteria, Mold, and Dust Mites from growing back. Each sanitation is effective for allergy relief and the spread of air born bacteria.

Do yourself a favor, Protect Your Health and that of Your Loved Ones. Sign up for one of our Super Service Programs and Save!