UL or UL Component Listing
Powerful Ventilation
Thermal and Sound Installation
No Condensate or Frost in Most Conditions
Added Security
10 Year Warranty on the Lossany Core and 1 Year on all other parts
Front and side panel access to all components in stock models
Highly Effective Energy Recovery
Simple Efficient Design
Tested Performance
Noticeably Improves IAQ
Efficient and Quiet Operation
No Need for Condensate Pan or Preheat in Most Conditions
Ventilation Without Open Windows
Years of Consistent Operation
Easy, Hassle-Free Maintenance
Static-Core Design Offering Total Enthalpic Energy Recovery
No Moving Parts in the Energy Exchange Process Means High Performance with Minimal Maintenance
Lossnay Applications
Schools, universities, dormitories, classrooms
Offices, condominiums, apartments
Smoking lounges, casinos
Hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers
Hotels, motels, departments stores
Animal research facilities, university labs
Paint storage, mixing/spray booths
Clean rooms, circuit board, chip manufacturing facilities
Swimming pools, sports arenas
Water and waste water treatment plants
Convention centers, airports, prisons
Bus and train maintenance facilities
Welding, foundry, and casting areas
Printing operations
All humidity-controlled spaces
Product dying operations
Indirect evaporative cooling