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Oneida Royal
DLO Series
Deluxe Rear Flue Lowboy

The best quality and value offered anywhere. Constructed of "Grade A" materials throughout, all models feature 11 and 13 guage steel heat exchangers, belt-driver blowers, and Beckett #33450 flame retention heat oil burners with Honeywell controls for a high A.F.U.E. and combustion efficiency. The DLO Series is available in 95,000 to 335,000 BTU/HR heating capacities.

A Series
Lowboy & Highboy,
Front/Top or Rear Flues

Super value in a variety of design configurations. Constructed of top qualities materials, these models feature 14-guage steel heat exchangers and Becket #3450 flame retention head oil burners with Honeywell controls. Belt or direct drive blowers are optional. The A Series is available in 59,000 to 124,000 BTU/HR heating capacities for today's fuel-efficient homes.

O-B Series
Horizontal, Front/Rear Flue

The models of choice when space is be limited, the O-B Series can be suspended from ceilings or installed in an attic or crawl space. Constructed of the same quality materials used in our other lines and available in 82,000 to 224,000 BTU/HR capacities, these units are universal in the field for left and/or right air flow discharge, with front and/or rear flues.
Efficiency.  Quality.

Choosing the right Oneida Royal high efficiency oil fired furnace is the start of a long term relationship to keep your family warm and safe through the cold winter months. With the selection of a unit from Oneida Royal, you can rest assured that the right decision has been made for your family's comfort and safety. Modern design, top quality materials and skilled craftsmanship allow Oneida Royal to live up to your heating requirements.

For your comfort, Oneida Royal manufactures models with a full range of B.T.U. ratings and designs to match your lifestyle. Quality has not been engineered out of the Oneida Royal line just to come up with a lower price tag. Every unit is made by hand the old fashioned way with craftsmanship, pride and the finest material available. You get what you pay for in an oil fired furnace, and you'll find that Oneida Royal is a long lasting value.

Our Warranty
Our Lifetime Warranty is one of the strongest in the industry. Because of the product's design, quality material and long history in the heating industry, we feel confident in offering this warranty on a quality-proven product.

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