Sanyo: Your Best Choice in Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems
Six Factors Key to Sanyo's Continued Popularity

Built-In Reliability
      All Sanyo outdoor condensers are factory precharged and approved before they are shipped.
      All Sanyo indoor evaporators feature Freeze Stat (Freeze Protection Thermistor) To prevent coil freeze-up from sudden outside temperature drop during normal operation.
      Built-in power failure automatic restart.
      Built-in time delay.
      Test run feature for complete system check.
      Powder-coated paint and heavy gauge steel on outdoor unit.
      Outdoor unit with refrigerant-filled accumulator.
      Most models feature aluminum slit-finned coils that are mechanically bonded to internally-grooved copper tubing.

Economical To Use
      Simple Installation means less costly contractor bills.
      Zoned climate control means lower energy bills.

Simple To Install
      All outdoor units carry a complete refrigerant charge for SIMPLE installation.
      Only a 3-1/2" opening is required to connect each indoor evaporator with the outside condenser. No duct work is required.
      Streamlined wall-mounted evaporators extend as little as 9-7/16" from the wall to accommodate most room configurations.
      All refrigerant tubing conveniently accessible from the front, rear, side or bottom of evaporator.
      All external tubing is connected at the front of the unit for simple maintenance.
      All outdoor units have external service values with flared fitting for quick connection of refrigerant tubing.
      Non-polarized wiring for simplified installation (heat pumps only).

Easy To Use
      Wireless remote control with large LCD screen allows you to access and program a variety of functions from anywhere in the room.
      24 or 12-hour programmable timer.
      Microprocessor-controlled 1-touch operation.
      Microprocessor-controlled automatic fan operation.
      Night setback mode.
      Heating and cooling automatic changeover (heat pumps only).
      Dual sensors, one in the air conditioner and one in the remote control.
      Self diagnostic feature (heat pumps only).
      Hot start system (heat pumps only).

Optional Features Add Versatility
      Fresh air intake.
      Condensate drain pump.
      Airduct extension.
      Central remote ON/OFF control.
      Sanyo-approved low ambient kit.

Sanyo Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps Are The Best Choice
      Sanyo has the best selection. There are 36 models in the line-up to meet all indoor air conditioning needs. The evaporators can be wall, floor,or ceiling-mounted, with BTU/h ranging from 7,000 to 45,000.
      Multi-zone (single, dual, tri and combustion) applications.
      Low ambient capacity, built0in or with an approved kit.
      Full-width centrifugal blower for noise-free performance.
      Energy efficient for long term cost savings.
      Remote control convenience. Most Sanyo units use multi-function wireless remotes.
      Retention of window view.
      Security enhanced, not compromised.
      4 way, 3 way or 2 way-discharge capability (ceiling recessed units only).