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Ceiling-Suspended Heat Pumps

Two Indoor Units Connected to One Outdoor Condenser and Operated from One Remote Control.
Standard Features:
Wireless Remote Control With Large LCD Screen
permits user to select all functions and the desired room temperature setting from anywhere in the room.
Microcomputer-Controlled System constantly monitors time and temperature against pre-set conditions for maximum energy cost savings as well as to ensure correct indoor temperature at all times.
24-Hour ON/OFF Program Timer allows you to set various time-based functions.
Automatic Defrost Cycle
prevents coil freeze up during heat pump operation.
Auto-Louver Mechanism, activated by remote control, oscillates the unique air discharge vane up-and-down to ensure even distribution.
Ductless Split System means speedier, less costly installation and whisper-quiet operation. The ultra-quiet wall-mounted evaporator is connected thorough a 3-1/2" wall opening to an innovative, powerful yet quiet outdoor condenser.
Fresh Air Intake Knockout is provided for a field installed connection.
Electric-Resistant Back-up Heater provides supplementary heat automatically.
Heating/Cooling Automatic Changeover automatically switches the unit's operation from cooling to heating and vice versa after temperature parameters are set.
Hot Start System ensures comfortable warm airflow even at the beginning of the heating process or during defrost.
Self Diagnostic Feature facilitates maintenance and quick repair by indicating on the PCB's LED where a malfunction or problem occurs.
Non-polar Wiring simplifies installation as only two wires for the signal line are required to connect the indoor and outdoor units together.
Preservation of Security and View. Since window space and large wall openings are not required for Sanyo split system installation, building safety is enhanced and the view preserved.
Washable Filters removable without tools.
ETL, ARI Approved.
Key Benefits:
hisper-Quiet Operation with Outdoor Condenser.
Quick and Less Costly Ductless Installation.
Wireless Remote Control of All Functions.
Microcomputer-Controlled for Reduced Energy Consumption.
24-hour ON/OFF Program Timer.
Automatic Heating/Cooling Changeover.
Hot Start System.
Self Diagnostic Feature.
Non-Polar Wiring for Simplified Installation.
Twin Indoor units for Better Air Circulation.
(48THS22 Only)
Model# - 24THS22
Unit Model
Indoor Unit - THS2422
Outdoor Unit - CH2422
Capacity BTU/H:
Cooling - 22,000/21,400
Heating - 23,400/22,800

Model# - 36THS32
Unit Model
Indoor Unit - THS3622
Outdoor Unit - CH3622
Capacity BTU/H:
Cooling - 36,000/35,000
Heating - 37,000/36,000

Model# - 48THS22
Unit Model
Indoor Unit - THS2422A/B
Outdoor Unit - CH4822
Capacity BTU/H:
Cooling - 43,000/42,000
Heating - 47,000/46,000
THS2422 / THS3622
CH2422 / CH3622
THS2422A + THS2422B
Remote Control

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