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...Planned Maintenance Programs.
Preventive Maintenance & Oil Burner Service Plan - can include cleaning, maintenance calls, parts replacement and optional services for you oil burner.

Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Maintenance Program - can include seasonal inspections and cleaning of your air conditioner and heat pump in preperation.
Providing Quality Home
Comfort Featuring
Automatic Fuel Delivery
Budget Plans
Oil & Gas Fired Heating Systems
Water Heater Sales and Service
Domestic Hot Water Coil Cleaning
Annual Furnace Cleaning
Service & Maintenance Contracts
Air Conditioning
Water Softener Installation
New Systems Design
Parts that touch water, or labor invloved in any water problem,
are not included in any plan.

-Tank Repair or Replacement-
Company is not responsible for secondary damages caused by tank leakage or loss of product before or after discovery of leak. Outside storage tank freeze-ups due to abnormally cold temperatures (below 10° above zero) are not covered under any plan. Service to correct this condition will be at our regular rates.

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